Genere: Thriller, Azione

Lingua: 12+

Regia: Karen Oganisyan

Con: Alexander Petrov, Vladimir Mashkov, Svetlana Hodchenkova

Durata: 121

Lingua: RUSSO sottotitoli inglesi

Trama: Swiss Partnership presents new Russian movie «Hero». Andrei was trained 15 years ago in a special school of the Foreign Intelligence Service, where agents were trained from teenagers. In the early 2000s, the project was closed, and the main character has long settled in one of the European cities and no longer remembers Russia. Once he picks up the phone and hears the voice of his father, who is considered dead. He informs Andrei that he is open for hunting. Unknown services are trying to destroy him and he can only escape. Andrei now has a desire not only to survive, but also to find his father again. To the aid of the protagonist comes his first love, Maria, who also has an interest in everything that happens. Andrei is getting more and more involved in espionage game, not realizing the true scale.

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